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4403 Avenue B, Austin, Texas 78751
Hours 10-7 Monday thru Saturday

Avenue B Grocery & Market is Austin’s oldest continuously-operated grocery store. Built in 1909 and maintained through the current (10th) owner, we offer a unique atmosphere in addition to our deli. We also carry a full line of groceries at prices you can appreciate. Call-in orders are welcome (except at the noon hour) but customers in the store are our top priority. We have outdoor picnic seating available for your “good-old-times” dining pleasure.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and/or the Menu page and employ the audio gizmo if you want to enjoy some sweet background tunes from the past while you peruse this site and learn more about Avenue B Grocery & Market.

“This worn little grocery has passed through many sets of capable hands, miraculously maintaining its purpose throughout. The current owner, Ross Mason, has run the place for more than two decades, dishing out sandwiches and sarcasm in a friendly whir of conversation. There is little that is new or special about the sandwiches, but they are thoughtfully and generously executed. Ingredients are fresh, the sandwiches are lovingly constructed, and critically – the bread is good. First and foremost are the “King Combo”, a hot sandwich with deli meats and cheese, and perhaps even more popular, the vegetarian “Queen B” – three kinds of cheese, ripe avocado, pickled jalapenos, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, and thinly sliced onions, with mustard and mayo. The jalapenos transform this otherwise ordinary combination. The grocery also sells an excellent BLT; real, old-school pimento cheese; and fresh-baked pies and brownies from the Texas Pie Company in Kyle. But perhaps what is nicest about Avenue B Grocery is the grocery itself. It is one of those stores that, from tiny spaces, manage to serve up everything you could possibly want, from toiletries to fresh produce to toy airplanes. In this sense it is truly local – Hyde Parkers have probably been “just popping out to the corner store” here for decades.”

Review by Robin Goldstein from Austin Restaurant Guide